Kwangyang Office
The Kwangyang office, by a gift of nature, has the most ideal location for transport in Korea; and the highest convenience and safety was considered in construction of this port. Geographically, this port is close to China making it the optimal location for freight transport to China. This port contains endless development possibilities and is abundant in energy. Also as the center of Northeast Asia, this port has the most competitive advantage over other harbors.
Address : 545-020, 3rd FI.,Hanjin shipping Bldg., #780-2,
  Doyi-Dong, Kwangyang, Korea
TEL : 82-61-794-7748
FAX : 82-61-794-1420
E-Mail :
STAFF TEL Mail Business
RYU MIN HO 02-6496-7724
Koo soon feel 061-794-7748
Sim jae yong 061-794-7748
CHO HEE YOUNG 061-794-7748 import business
LEE SEON-MI 061-794-7748
Jang ji un 061-794-7748
Berth Quay Length Draft CFS Crane Cargo Handling Capacity
(1,000 TEU)
50,000 * 12
20,000 * 4
5100m 15m ~17m 7 x 4,800 18 Cols. x 8 (40.5TON)
18 Cols. x 6 (50TON)
22 Cols. x 16 (61TON)
Benefits of using the Kwangyang Office
When comparing economic expenses, rather than utilizing other ports, the use of this port will be found to be most economical.
Kwangyang Harbor Vision
"As a 3rd generation harbor, the Kwangyang container pier was constructed with efficiency in mind, has an elaborate transport network, and intelligence networks. With the establishment of a free trade zone, this port will be the leading marine transport center of Asia. In the 21st century, Kwangyang container piers will be a leading international port contributing to the next generation of harbors.
Since Yeosu-Kwangyang Port Authority was founded on August 19, 2011 with the goal of 3,000,000 TEU , the habor is continuing Win-Win policy with local company of Yeosu-Kwangyang area. The harbor will be 2,000,000 pyung unit area, designated as Free Economic Zone and like the ports of Hong Kong and Singapore, will be designated as a free trade zone with free freight exchange, and where reclassification, packing, display, sale and production is possible. Thus, becoming an internationally recognized port. Also, if international companies establish bases at this harbor, they will receive tax benefits. In the case of reunification, the creation of a railroad linking Korea to China and continued on to Russia will provide an efficient land transportation system becoming the most efficient and unique inland transport system available. "