Masan Office
The service for route of Busan/Masan-Shimonoseki was launched newly on February 2003. This services main cargoes are agriculture products and also loading volumes of forest products and industrial products are going up steadily.
Address : Masani-port No. 109, Coast Road, Masan Happo-gu, Changwon city,
  South Geongsang Province, Korea
TEL : 055-240-4717
FAX : 055-240-4711/4712
E-Mail :
STAFF TEL Mail Business
MOON JUNE YOUNG 055-240-4717
HA JEA EUN 055-240-4717
The effects of cut down expenses in case of using of Masan pier
* First, The lower inland freight than Busan pier
* Second, The 30 percents reduction of harbor dues
* Third, In case of agriculture products, it is possible to keep them fresh by reducing transit time.
(for example to give exporting promotion funds to farmhouse at 3 percents and to exporting company at 2 percents base on invoice value)
Shimonoseki SUN, TUE, WED, FRI (4 Services week)
Moji WED (Weekly)
Hososhima WED (Weekly)
Yatsushiro WED (Weekly)
Hibikinada SUN (Weekly)
Introduction of Masan pier
* Loading Terminal : Pier 4, Masan(exclusive contract terminal)
* CARGO CLOSING TIME : Agriculture products by 16:00 (Due to quarantine inspection)
Industrial products by 18:00
* Contract point of CY/CFS of KOREAN EXPRESS at pier 4
CY : Mr. H. M. LEE   Tel) 055-264-4443,   Fax) 055-264-4443
CFS : Mr. G. Y. KU,   Tel) 055-249-8272,   Fax) 055-264-4443